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from this a netflix film

When I play the game the screen is wided to the point that I can't see my tasks.

Deleted 292 days ago

Thank you. I was very clueless on what to do because the task was screened out for me.

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Full Gameplay + Ending (No Commentary)

love the concept of the game just wish it was abit longer hopefully you enjoy the video thankyou! 

Entirely was a great game that gave me goosebumps and had me on my toes thought it wasn't gonna be scary but I WAS WRONG! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!


loved this the jumpscare got me good added it to my three free horror games series in the third spot

You just keep going with great horror, I love it! I gotta say the acting was unexpected, but I loved it and played along with it. 

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Another great game man. Although that's to be expected by this point. Like always, I love the style. A great blend of comedy and horror too. Although this one leaned a bit more on the comedy side I still think it turned out fine. A fun short horror experience. Can't wait to see what you come up with next! Thanks for making it!

Excellent, creepy game. Might have run into a possible glitch, but it was eerie as heck ;). Please give my vid a like or share if youre interested. Thanks! Keep making spooky horror games! Game 1.

I've played a few of your games before, honestly this is my favorite out of the batch, good job man!

A really fun PSX styled horror with interesting visuals that get more sinister and darker as you make time progress and a soundtrack that when it stops .... you are left anticipating something quite horrific to come and get you ...until it loops back in.
 The voice acting is quite amusing and adds to the games entertainment value as well which is a very nice touch, whilst the game is not outright "scary" it is always nice to see new concepts and little horrors come to life with new and upcoming creators.
 Thank you for making such an interesting game it was very enjoyable. 

I hope this is the updated version of the game, it was on my computer awhile. Very well done!!!


The voice acting in this one definitely had me cracking up a bit. This was a pretty funny game just a little dark when it came to the section of trying to catch the kids. Overall it was pretty good for what it is.

My favorite part was being lost because i couldn't see anything but the camera add-ons in the darkness. Would probably been scarier if i wasn't distracted by my efforts to get to the destination. Other than that, liked the game and loved the voice acting.

Music is a great addition to the ambience you can rotate your head all the way. 10/10

Honestly, dude, you're pretty good at making games. This one felt a lot more easy-going during the first 2 sections, I just had fun with the voice and experience, but then the last segment started. This completely changed my mood and made me feel so weird yet freaked out. The ending was nuts and I overall loved it. Again, the style of your games is amazing and I love it.
I played 3 of your games in a video and loved them all, they're a mixture of fun yet terrifying, and I LOVE it.

Also, if you did enjoy my content, it would mean a lot if you thought about subscribing, but its up to you, have a great day!


Another great game! This one definitely bumps up the spooks in the latter half. The sound design had me genuinely freaked out. Ran into a couple issues when it comes to moving through the map, but nothing too serious! Great work as always!

I downvote every comment with a youtube video in it, nothin personell g*mer's. cool game, like your stuff!


I can understand self-promotion can be shitty sometimes but if someone is just trying to promote themselves and get themselves out there, I see no problem unless it's in a scummy way and they aren't being respectful to the game. I'd say a good way to do it would be leaving feedback as well as the video, nothing wrong with posting your own video in here unless you aren't respecting the game.


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ still doin it

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YO THIS GAME WAS SO GOOD!, The voice acting on it was so funny. The game was overall very scary and unsettling, with all that said 10/10 keep it up. For sure going to play more games from you Matt.

Once again, Matthew, you surprised me when I did not expected :). Really neat short game, I truly enjoyed the atmosphere and the vibe to this. For more of my review check out the video: 

P.S. sorry, I have not been playing your games recently, but I will definitely try those out. No doubt, they are superb. Good day! 

I was already afraid of scarecrows before this. Now thanks to you I'm also afraid of corn fields. Amazing game. Keep up the good work!


Looks nice! Thank you very much!!


You are killing it lately you got your own scp like universe going on here and im loving it


I really enjoy the comedic factor that you always put into the game. It makes it so unpredictable! This game was an actual joy to play and I can't wait for the next games to come! Keep up the great work man!

   - CrazyCheesePuf


God I hate these things




is good


Hello, I played this game and I liked it, neat little game although I wish that there was a proper ending but over all it was fun, good work :)


This game absolutely screwed my nerves!!


awesome game, i love it. i see more and more games from you, keep making em!

btw if you are interested, here is video of your game:


Great game didnt have any bugs or anything. Just Maybe put something at the end but other than that Great Game GOOD JOB and check out the video💖👍


I love it, very weird and entertaining just like food for pigs. Check out my video playing it(: 

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Mano, que jogo bom de se jogar! Ambientação gostosa, você se sente mesmo em um campo, dá para se notar pelos diálogos a atenção em demonstrar que o protagonista é meio chucrão pelo jeito em que ele conversa.
A forma a qual o terror vai se inserindo no jogo é muito boa e realmente parece que você está sendo observado.
Matt vem se superando a cada jogo, meus parabéns!!

Vídeo programado para o dia 23/08.

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damn mat ... create lot mad creepy game ..super ... i think u need loop terror :P


That was a cool experience. Those scarecrows are up to no good, haha. One suggestion I have for your games would be to adjust some of the audio. The footsteps and the sound for a new objective are pretty loud and the dialogue could be louder. Nice job though, dude! Its pretty fun. Thanks!

A good game, will we have a new saga emerging out there? We'll only know in time... Congratulations on the game.

Hey man! How did you feel about the music? Good or bad? Did it make you uneasy?

Well... being honest, the music is not so bad, but needs some improvement here. It didn't made me uneasy at all.

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