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CHeck out my gameplay. i had a blast editing this joint.


Dude, your game was amazing! Man, I think that might've been the loudest that I've screamed in a video so far XD. I also really love the atmosphere and the vibe that I get from the game, it probably has to do with how big and spacy the warehouse was. You absolutely nailed it! I'll playing more of your games in the future without question.

Gefällt mir! Das war definitiv mal ein anderes Spielerlebnis :P 4 von 5 Sternen gehören dir :D 

(Your game begins at 09:39)

What a fun one! Sadly, my recording of your other game, Fear Field, went sour, or I would have included that in this game too. This is an interesting take on a quick little horror story, and I do love the implications of people in these boxes. Honestly scarier than the monsters appearing, if not more startling, heh.

Both games were a lot of fun though, keeping my ye out for more!

This reminded me why I don't want a forklift license...

I noticed this game has some music in it, is the track going to get released on spotify or something because it sounds pretty good.

This game was something else man haha! And i found the easter egg :) made me happy! Overall i LOVED it!!

Played 3 of your games i loved them all!!

Really digging these games. Starting to feel like the twilight zone or something and I love that!

Broke the game. I tried to investigate door but nothing happened. I just went through the door. Maybe I am the ghost?


had to click f on it

I finally was able to achieve my dream of driving a forklift and then immediately all my coworkers started dying.. great game 10/10

how do you get past the door that appears? it doesnt do anything?


I really liked the game, I find it a lot of fun horror games where we have a normal job and something strange happens

Gameplay PT-BR

I loved this. I had a lot of fun just driving the forklift around and not wanting to get out because I felt too powerful riding the vehicle. The game had a lot of fun with me until the end where it goes crazy. I did have a bit of confusion and issues getting to the other section of the store when the three boxes fell. Other than that though, I loved what I played. I love the style you have in each of your games, they all feel different yet linked and I love them. Keep up the awesome work!
I made a video playing 3 of your games and loved them all, its a mixture of fun and scares and its exactly what I look for in a short horror game.

Also, If you did enjoy my video and would want to watch more, it would mean a lot if you considered subscribing! But it's all up to you :) Have a great day!

I had a ton of fun playing this! Definitely a goofy game but a very cool concept, I always love "job-based" horror games. Jumpscares were well-earned, and I'd love to see a longer version of this!


I was not expecting that ending! This was overall really fun! I really enjoyed the atmosphere and buildup! Great job! 

An amazing Ikea related experience! + Found an easter egg!


Crazy Simulator, later night warehouse horror! 
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Made a video on this game. Very good! Its all very creepy. 


I always wanted to ride a forklift! I was actually pretty good at it! Must have been my farming sim experience! 


I'm going to start crying. 10/10 game 👌


Didn't think working as a forklift manager could be scary but you proved me wrong. Excellent game.


good game pretty unique had a lot of fun playing 

This was really good! i enjoyed the atmosphere and it scared the shit out of me good job! Heres my playthrough if you wanna see. 


So Cool.


I think it might have broken near the end but definitely an interesting concept


In the end, I was really scared))




Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, the concept was really cool, good work :)

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Good Game :)



A lot less action than the previous two games but still and interesting experience with a few scares. Second game in the video starting around the 5:15 mark


give it a try

I featured this in my video - 

i have made a fan art or your game. Plz check it by clicking on the link below.

I played this game in my recent video (first) it was quick little atmospheric game I like it the ending was very abrupt but I’m sure that’s what you were going for LOL keep up the good work. 

I enjoyed it, pretty sure my game crashed at the end though but it made a funny ending.

Liked it, pretty spooky. 

The environment slowly built itself from being a little spooky to going from a zero to a hundred! The change in colours really contrasted the earlier part of the game and made it really feel different and suddenly changed it into from spooky to extremely freaky! The reference to the first Food For Pig was pretty neat with the shadow creatures!

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