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game show? [GOOD GAME IN THERE]

Nice game :)  I trust clowns even less now.  

I played this at 12:57. Really cool concept for a game! The SAW vibes.

Check out my video.

The audio is audio out of sync for the last one.

I just watched it back seemed fine to me?

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What Control should I use to interact?!



Love the concept, but the game lacks a bit.  You can't fail the challenges which is kind of a bummer.

Come Check it out!

This game was A LOT of fun.   I love creepy clowns so, in all honesty I think it was really well done!

Brother your game was stolen:
I reported an hour ago, but the page does not seem to respond. Maybe you can report it too. 

Choose carefully...

Beware of the Trick.

I liked this one! Scrapyard was a bit hard 

Full Play No Commentary 

 this game was actually amazing, defiantly excited my expectations

Had a lot fun with this one. The voice acting made this game so much better

Gameplay BR.

Bom jogo, altos sustos, bom trabalho.

That ending Thooo!!!! 

The game was pretty fun! I liked the idea of having to make choices in this scenario. I thought it crashed at first then realized it was just how the game closed. Overall it sold me on the idea and the atmosphere matched. Great play thank you for making it!

Hey, I included your game in my latest Horror Games video! The part with your game starts around 5:32! Hope ya enjoy the video if you decide to check it out! Cheers!

I REALLY liked this game it was very interesting and very nerve racking. I would love to play a full game of this. Heres my reaction to it! it starts at 12:45

This was a really fun game! I enjoyed the minigames and jumpscares. I think the scariest part of this game is the fact that the main character happened to have the same name as me lol, scared the hell out of me. I kinda wish there was more room for error though as when i replayed to see what would happen if i chose different options i had the same outcome. 

I will neither confirm nor deny whether this game scared the bejeezus out of me...but my face in the thumbnail is from this game.

Great atmosphere just wished the game was longer


This game got me good, I really wished I

lived but it was such a great short game and well made

This game jumpscared me so hard it was actually embarrassing! Very spooky's house of jumpscares! 

Legal, porém o labirinto foi de fdp

What a  cool experience ! Wish it was a little longer though :)  Ending was toooo cruel !

Diooos el laberinto me dio tremendo susto xD, que buen  juego c:

sick game i liked it a lot :)

That maze really freaked me out! Great game

This Game Was Really Scary Man But So Good!!!

what are the minimum system requirements

I loved how unique and fun this game was to play! The maze had me jumping a few times! I am very keen and interested to play more, thank you for an enjoyable experience! :)


You really got me with those jump scares! lol good game though! wish it was a tad bit longer but other than that I had fun playing!

This was pretty awesome! Short, sweet, and spooky!

Gonna say it, hate clowns with a passion, and this was fairly unsettling...

First time playing this devs games and it won't be the last. Awesome game :)

How!? Every game I play of yours is an absolute banger! Just continuously a bop! 

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didn't scream once but that's also because my dads asleep downstairs but still a really good game. I give it a 8/10 oh and when is tape 2 coming out?

wow good job this game had some pretty good jump scares and I liked the fact that you could reverse the camera...

Btw I'm trying to reach 50 subs so if you liked the video it would mean a lot to me that you'd consider subscribing to my channel :)
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