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This game was fun! I played Fear Tape: Game Show and my co-host of the channel played Scrap Yard. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone.

Why was one generator hidden like the lost ark and the other two easy to find?  Either way this was a fun game!  Thanks for making it!


This Game Actually Gave Me chills lol

Entertaining game! Those spider things were creepy as heck!

Made a video

I love the gameshow route, it's always interesting and fun. My least favorite part has to be the small maze (of tires?) area, then again I just don't enjoy mazes in general. Idk if the gun was made untrustworthy on purpose but it was! Even though I got a bit annoyed by it I think it ultimately helps the atmosphere. Like you have a way to defend yourself but you can't fully rely on it so you still feel in danger. Thanks for making it!

Good game. Those spider things are pesky little buggers! 

A good and scary game with his ambiance, nice effect for the camera


Damn that 3rd generator was hard to find! Another great game. Keep up the good work :)

I featured this in my video - 6:14

i know its been weeks but hey better late than sorry and i have to make my video collection of fear tapes on the channel :D

this game is really good and really scary thank you for making this! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΎπŸ”₯πŸ’―

This Game Was Really Scary To Play And I Had A Lot Of Fun Playing It!!

I like this game very much! The graphics are exactly my case. I love found footage games like this.✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

This is good game or not

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Would definitely watch this movie. Anyway its a cool game, well done

Literally unplayable for me. The lack of a brightness slider means that I can't see anything whatsoever, I get about 5 feet of visibility down the paths.

Very spooky game. I think the model for the creatures was downright horrifying.  The ending was also unexpected. Keep up the good work! 

I'm not normally a fan of horror games where you can kill the monsters because for me it takes away a lot of the scare if you know that when ever something tries to kill you you can just shoot it dead. But this was a big exception with how limited the ammo is and how its difficult to see where the monsters are coming from with all of the corners and winding corridors. This is a perfect example of how to make an action horror game.

Thank you so much for the generous review!

Very fun game! The monsters are creepy and the maze really got me turned around. Definitely recommend!

why can't I download this on my mac. It is telling me can't open?

Since I am not a verified developer, you will have to allow it in security settings. If that does not work, let me know! 

I loved the theming of the game, survival gameshows are a niche not explored often enough, and the monsters are creepy little things. Looking forward to seeing how Fear Tapes continues!

A pretty spooky game and it was kinda fun lol, i suggest giving it a shot if you're thinking about it for you channel or just to try it out. If you can check out my playthrough and maybe subscribe it'd mean a lot to me, Have a good day :)

The game's really interesting as I don't think not many people has done a gameshow style horror game. I liked that. Though it would have been nice to have a flashlight on the character imo. But beyond that, game's fairly solid.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Absolutely loved this game! Made an easy how-to guide to get to the end!

Really scary game especially when you're out of ammo and all you can do is run. somehow got to the ending by accident, but other than that really well made game.

Great game my friend.

It was fun actually, couldn't find all the generators (found one) and run out of ammo, pretty dark also. Good game though.

Great job on this!! I am a new player to your games, the only other game i've tried of yours so far is Channel Infinity. Between the two, they're very different as far as play style goes.. I really liked in this game that the player has a gun to defend themselves, which is a nice change in the indie horror game scene!! I also really liked that this game is a pretty decent challenge to complete for the first time.. It took me sooo long to find the third generator. The only thing that I wasn't the biggest fan of was stamina system, it ran out within 2 steps so it was just a bit frustrating to keep letting off the shift key and back on to run.. But that is just my own personal opinion... I also really loved the ending! Overall this was really great and I enjoy the hell out of it!! Keep up the great work!!

Thanks Vax! I always appreciate feedback, Ill take it into consideration next time! Thanks for playing the game and making the video man!

This was a lot different from what I was expecting! A really nice deviation from the more "walking sim" style games of yours that I've played. This actually provided quite the challenge, which was bolstered by the great monster design. Those monsters made me apprehensive to move around the place. I rabbit enjoyed this, great work as always!

Thanks so much Adrionic! Always glad to see you in the comments man!

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nice story

Once again, Matthew Ager brings us a new game, with possibilities to open up a new cinematic universe. Really cool. Congratulations and keep it up!

Oh man! This game got me thinking about a lot of things!!!

First, let's talk about design. The visual performance of the game is expected to be creepy and adequate after all the projects, which you have done, this is not different, although, the first person shooter style is somewhat distracting at times, but it's a personal preference and nothing more. 

The leading aspect and what I've truly enjoyed the most is the monster design and sound effects. I won't spoil it for anyone, but if there is a tingling feeling behind your back once in while, when you think something is crawling up on your body - This game made me feel that way and it was super uncomfortable - in the best way possible. 

The story kind of got me confused, until  I check out your previous works. As you know, big fan, played 4 of your projects on my channel, others off the camera, yet, something was lacking. I thought I missed a story, if anyone considers your games to be connected, than, I would say this was maybe a sequel to "A Way Out. Experiment #99"?
This is just a theory, but based on the gameplay, it had that fixing generator, which was an asset from your old game (AWO.E#99) and I kept wondering how it was connected. Maybe I am wrong, maybe this was a singular experience, but, who knows, I guess only you Matthew. 

In conclusion, this game surprised me, it creeped me out, made me feel the true horror and the atmosphere was intense, fast paced, yet I still consider "Food For Pigs" your best game, because of the theme and actual uniqueness of it all. 

Looking forward to more projects from you Matthew. I love your consistency, your dedication and art style with the occasional chilling stories and execution. Sorry for not posting the video, I am pretty busy, working on some "stuff", but I know there are better YouTubers (Like Evapilot's Geek Corner), who will showcase your work. 

Keep up the quality work! 


Wow Niven thanks for such a thoughtful review! This is the first game I made using a horror framework I built for Unity. I'm updating the framework after every project to make it better before I sell it online. This game was supposed to be a demo for a larger project with what in my opinion would be a great story. However, that project might be too big for me to tackle alone in any reasonable amount of time. Might wait till college because none of my buddies know how to code or model and I think I'll need some help. As for the story, I want to make like 3 or 4 unique fear tape games, but they are self contained stories. I would finally make the planned third entry in A Way Out, but the way I set it up would make it difficult to create art wise. Again, thanks so much for your insight! 

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I believe you can do it. With so much experience, at least after so many projects, it's about time Matthew and effort. I am really impressed with the framework build, I did kind of notice that, but I was distracted by the game itself.
Just in case, because you mentioned about help, I started to make my own assets, a week ago, so far it's generic, but I am working on the game with a good friend, who knows Unity a lot, so, just in case that game works out, maybe you can check it out and if you like the "Voxel" art style, I might be able to help you and give you assets for free. Just because you are one of my favorite devs.

Good Luck Matthew! Keep on going and don't stop entertaining your fans!
Edit: The monsters in this game creeped the F out of me :D 

I can send you the code for the monsters if you'd like. I wrote some procedural animation for them. Also I would love to check the game out, send it to my business email linked in my pages profile when it's done!

Sure thing. I am still working on it and when it's done, I will send you. 


Loved it! Another great game!

Lol, I was just writing about you! I will watch this later.


That's so funny!