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I downloaded this game for research and it really helped me explore ideas for a game I want to develop. My #1 favorite feature is the car customization slider. 

Awesome thanks, it was a fun thing to make fs.

Man i believe i just have to express my love for this. The first time that i played this game,it was a couple minutes before going to my crush's house for the first time and man i absolutely loved that game. Even though things with my crush went south a month after,whenever i look at this game it reminds me of her and some good times that i had. Thanks for realising this game!


Hey man I feel you, my girlfriend is gone for 2.5 months in Europe because she's talking a gap year before college. Working on projects like these help me cope with her being gone for so long. I'm glad I could help you remember some good times brother. Thank you man.

it's a really good game but everytime i try to play it i get about a minute of driving and then the floor disappears from under me and i fall through space making me have to restar

Have you increased the render distance. It may be too low!

If it is still causing you problems, I'll try to figure out what the error may be, it works fine on my machine. Are you on OSX?

make bendy kel  horror games

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Ahhhhhh! Finally not a horror game from you! Actually, this is nice and relaxing, you can even change the game settings which is a rellay nice option. Also the main menu this reminds me of The Space Sim which is extremey cool game. :)

great game bro, there's a bit of bugs but good job


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