A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Mortis is a multiplayer, top down, pixel art, shooter. Each game is a best of 5 rounds match. Gear, weapons and ammo are persistent; you'll have to save your gear and make it last all 5 rounds. With 4 unique maps, 18 guns, and 5 tactical tools, all randomly set at the beginning of each game, there are endless possibilities for matches. After you die, you become a ghost, who can move through walls and shoot stun projectiles to hold your enemies (or teammates) in place. Create a plan with your teammates, grab your gear, and execute. 

1. Multiplier (2-10 players)  

2. 4 Maps, 18 Weapons, 5 Equipment

3. Intense Firefights in Beautifully Drawn Maps 

4. Teamwork Centered Action


MORTISWindows.zip 38 MB