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Pretty good!

Nice Game !

Played 3 of your games and i loved them all!!

1st game in this video. Short and sweet! I played this one after FFP2 so it was really cool seeing where this guy came from! Thanks for making it

Amazing game as always. That warden is fast when he sees you. Very tense trying to sneak around and gather the tools. Great job!

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Absolutely great environment! The sounds always reminds the player that they are in a prison and in that situation. The reappearance of the static lady was cool and the way she functioned was also pretty neat! The gameplay wasn't too challenging but was balanced out by figuring things out, and the scariness of the ambience and everything! Well made game!

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Aaaaah, o Purgatório... que ótimo lugar para se arrepender de seus pecados!
O guardião com seus sons de televisão falhando, te perseguindo, são de realmente dar um nó na espinha!
O protagonista consegue correr, que é uma novidade!
A história continua se desenvolvendo...

Vídeo programado para o dia 17/08.

(Game is at 12:28) Not scary at all. if the warden actually chased you it would have been 10x better

The Warden does give chase. You may have encountered a bug. So sorry about that!!

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It chased me but it wasn't like OMG ITS CHASING ME  it was more like oh its chasing me. its a decent game just needed too be more spooky :) i will be playing more of your games because this one had a great concept 

Really interesting concept but ould use some tuning and adjustment

Bila je odlična igrica, prati te neko čudovište a ti moraš riješavati misiju te se skrivati, odličan koncept, grafički je isto bila ok i svidilo mi se, odlično je te sretno u gradnji ostalih igrica!

Interesting game. On the same level of Food for Pigs. Very well made.

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Good game and atmosphere the art is great too good job dev 

Thank you so much!

Once again, wonderfully executed short horror, I really enjoyed the overall atmosphere and look to it. Good Job. For more of my review, check out the video. 

Thank you again for the video! Loved it!

For such a short game this was done very well. I love the simplistic "gritty" feel of the models and the warden was pretty scary to be chased down by! Good work dude! Keen to see more from you!

Thank you so much for the kind comments and the video! Definatly subbed!

Thankyou! Hope you enjoy my content!!

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The atmosphere is great, but I think some music would  add to it.

Thank you for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed!

Nice game. It feels connected to "Feed The Pigs" in a way.

Thank you for the video! Great work! The games are made in a similar style and touch on some common themes, namely the theme of punishment and hell.

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