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I played this game awhile back,  around may/ june last year, and it was awesome, but it also inspired me to make this , hope ya like it man

Always cool to see ppl make things related to my work! Thank you for sharing this! Great work bro!


apophis is the egyptian god of chaos and is a snake.

If there is no snake or chaos I will be very disapointed.

And he better be battling Ra the egyptian god of order or Ma'at.

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I was disapointed 

May Quandale Dingle have mercy on us

The game is super disturbing to play but it is really cool game

so cool

Wowzy. Okay, this game is awesome. It's disturbing, thought provoking , the graphics are nice and the base idea (I hope I understood it correctly) is very interesting too. Definitely one of the most unique (and probably best) horror games I've played with so far. Keep up the good work!

THE SUN SHINES RED, do you see it...?

ITS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sun shines red

Oy vay

Good lord! This is something different.  The GUN shines red lol! Game here: 

Please sub to my YouTube channel.

Epilepsy warning holy moly


this game is very creepy and messed w me a little, lol

Not gunna lie this game gave me a headache lol (3rd game) very disturbing


This was one the the most Disturbing Horror games I've ever played. The overall experience/interview I feel was the best route for a game like this. I also think after watching the video afterwards I understood the meaning of the game a bit more. But overall, this was a really unsettling and disturbing experience that I've never seen before in a horror game!

Переведите игры на русский очень интересно 


This game upset me so so deeply! I felt so bad with everything I had to do in this game. I did thoroughly enjoy the experience though, no matter how upsetting. I am glad I came across this game. I hope you guys enjoy my gameplay and review of this game, if you do please support my channel by subscribing, I would really appreciate it xoxo Thanks guys xo 

Now research some stuff about the atrocities the USSR committed, such as the massive starvation/murder of ethnic Russians and Ukrainians, Cannibal Island, the Gulags, the massive rape of millions of German women, murders of innocent German civilians, children... that might inspire your next game, right?! lol

I've been following your games since food for pigs 1, and I have to say this one took me by surprise so much, and disturbed me like no other. The game is amazing, and it's awesome to see this game be as crazy, if not crazier, than all the others!

I get it... but I don't get it. Anyway, this was done beautifully. good game

Felt so bad after playing this... 

the game felt a bit lacking until I watched the video, after that it does make a lot of sense.
If anything I would like the audio to play during the game, I think that would nicely complete the experience


You're a lot smarter than me man, I wish I did this.

Really well done dev! this game although a simple idea, is really good at making the player uncomfortable. most unsettling game ive played in a looooong time

This game really made me sick.. very good game. But honestly cant take it. I didnt murder.. i promise

After playing this my stomach felt weird. Saw the Jordan Peterson video after. Damn dude, this was intense. I was gonna do a video on this, but damnit, I was fked up most of the vid. GG.

Speed played your game ❤️

I feel like I'm gonna wind up on some watch list for playing this. Very distubing but I get I did play this expecting to be uncomfortable and creeped out lol! Hope you enjoy! 

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Jesus Christ. I came for an experience and that's exactly what I got. Top class- 10/10


It was aight. Not saying that scary-ness is the most important thing, but I think it could be scarier.


I didn't want to make this just a creepy horror game, I was more trying to make something that would hopefully stick with someone for a bit you know. If anything looking back I want to remove some of the more traditional horror elements because really, its not a traditional horror game.

Well, I liked it. Good job brochacho.

aah very unnerving but amazing work! it definitely makes the player uncomfortable, as intended.

This really made me unnerved, and almost quit! But I have a feeling you were aiming for that! If that's the case, you succeeded! 

ngl bro that was kinda fucked. But I gotta say it definetly fulfilled it's purpose, so i'll be keeping a close eye on whatever hidden gems you drop next.

I feel bad for killing the families.


That's the right reaction.

It indeed is.

Yo !

Nouvelle video sur ce super jeu ! 

Bon visionnage :)

such a interesting game with a twist loved it so much cant wait to see more games like this 

The Sun Shines Red | Haruka Plays 🧪 - YouTube

My girlfriend gave this a try-- and it made her feel things.

This was veeeeery uncomfortable experience, but I think this was the intent you put in? It's very rare when a game can do this to you as a player, as a person


I’ve been watching peoples videos and gotta just say it’s been something really strange haha. Thanks for playing man, it means a lot!

Look up look down Hey! Man, I played your game last year and threw up. Ha ha, good game

Initially I went completely blind with this game, but after a second try and given context, my opinion slightly changed Matthew. And understand that it's mostly ideological comprehension with the game, not personal. I love your games, you know that and can't wait for the next installment. 

Great game, as disturbing as it was it's quite captivating.  I have looked over some of the comments below and where you mention the game is supposed to make you feel uncomfortable, it really does that.  I guessed what was going to happen from the first room but did it anyway, I wanted to see how the story progresses.  Each stage became more disturbing then the previous.  Should have pressed L.

i feel like i did a bad thing plus ??! jp was the inspiration... ew.

That's the correct reaction to this, you're supposed to be very very uncomfortable. Very ordinary people can do very bad things, and this game was supposed to portray that.

It was quite difficult to play in parts, had me feeling uncomfortable but I guess that was the purpose. I think I understand the context of the game after seeing the video that inspired it in the comments. Look forward to the next one you make :)
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