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A Way Out: Experiment #99 is story driven, first person, horror experience. The events take place directly after the conclusion of A Way Out. Voice acted.


Research Log #14.B -

Date: January 8, 1963

Entry: URGENT! The facility is more powerful than we initially expected and is capable of acting on its own accord. Candidate #0013 is missing. We are not sure what has happened to him. The Managers are pushing us to remain calm, continue research, and push candidate #0013 and experiment #99 out of our heads. I doubt the Managers know much more about the facility than the rest of us, but I fear for my own life if I disobey.  The rest of the researchers and I decided we will keep our heads down for now.


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Oddly satisfying gameplay and eerie visuals, as always, great work! Loved the atmosphere of this one and I guess, probably in TOP 5 of the best games, which you have made. 

No one is able to convert binary to ascii on the fly while playing a game .

If you really want to use this , you should put a computer in this room so the player is able to write done all the binary code then he may hit translate.

Or something like this you know what i mean .

Between there is only one answer possible player should be able to answer Yes or No .

(1 edit) (+1)

You actually can. a is with 0110 0001. b is 0110 0010. c is 0110 0011. d is 0110 0100. e is 0110 0101. For every letter after a, you add 1. It's just that it uses the binary system, and not the decimal system. so n is 0110 1110. o is 0110 1111. making no 0110 1110 0110 1111. Then p is 0111 0000.

For numbers, 0 is 0011 0000. 1 is 0011 0001. 2 is 0011 0010. 3 is 0011 0011. 4 is 0011 0100. 5 is 0011 0101. etc.

For Uppercase letters, A is 0100 0001. B is 0100 0011. etc.

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Thank you so much man!


She's a girl in fact :p