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"I'm getting close to the bunker... There's something very wrong... I can hear him laughing... he wants me there."

Each game the objectives are completely randomized.

You Will LOVE This - https://mager22brophybroncosorg.itch.io/fear-field

A Short Horror Game By -  Matt Ager

Another installment in the Food For Pigs universe.

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I love how I learnt what to do immediately after my second try.

Good game!!!! For some reason the music got copyrighted by YT in the beginning of the game. But so much fun!

A very nice game!! ✌✌✌✌

You can still turn your head 360 degrees upside down 10/10

2nd game in this video! I really enjoyed this one. It was tense AND fun! I'm a big fan of the taser mechanic. It's nice having a bit of defense against the guy that looks like baldi lol. I love the originality coming from all of your games. I can't wait to see more!

This made me very nervous trying to solve the puzzles while listening for the creeper. Very well done!

Well done, intense and scary puzzler ;)

This was a pretty fun game, I played it second in my video. It gave me chills because I was always haunted by the fact that this weirdo is chasing me. I couldn’t quite figure everything out but I did enjoy it nonetheless. 

Great game dev 

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:D damn i play all game u .. i think u want ... broken mind people in gamer ;D lol

And the Food for Pigs universe keeps expanding with another interesting game... Congrats on your work here.

Another sweet game. I knew it was a good idea to expand upon the Feed the Piggy lore. I think you're really on to something here and in my opinion, I believe this to be your best one yet. Really made me pee my pants like a little girl sometimes. A little request if I may as well, I would like to see the piggies again, I miss them dearly ~ 11/10

The piggies shall return in due time.......

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Mais um jogão! Ele faz você resolver quebra-cabeças enquanto tem um maluco te perseguindo. Interessante que o maluco é risonho igual o Coringa e isso serve de mecânica pra ajudar você a saber quando ele virá e evitá-lo!
Mais da história vem sendo contada....
Só continua que isso tá muito bom!

Vídeo programado para o dia 21/08.

Another good game. I'm liking all these games you keep coming out with.

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