A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Hell Wall is the only ice axe climbing horror game. Climb through a disturbing fever dream with a pair of ice axes to the top of the Hell Wall in this short experience, but be wary of what might be coming from below. Five layers of Hell await you, each worse than the last.


Multiple Endings

Pulse Pounding Sound Design

Unique Climbing Gameplay

Trippy/Unnerving Visuals

Terrifying Moment to Moment Experience

Procedurally Generated Hell Wall


Left Click - Move Left Axe

Right Click - Move Right Axe

Scroll Wheel  - Change Body Size (useful when trying to squeeze through narrow gaps)


Hell Wall.zip 101 MB
Hell Wall OSX.app.zip 101 MB

Install instructions

Windows - Unzip and Run the .exe

Mac - Unzip and run the .app (Catalina - Use the Unachieved App!)

Development log


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Interesting...the lucid climbing simulator with the occasional creeps and horror - unique and fun too. Different from other entries, for sure. 

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