A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

In this fast paced, 1980s, synthwave pilot training simulator you pilot a jet with 25 weapon combinations to fight against hundreds of alien star fighters. Each simulation experience will give you the skills needed to defeat the alien manace should it arrive one day!


Massive Scale Battles with Hundreds of Intelligent, Coordinated Enemies.

Intense, Pulse Pounding Sound Design (HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED)

25 Weapon Combinations

5 Unique Simulation Environments 

1980s Style Visuals with Retro, yet Modern Graphics

Snow Capped Mountains Of Northern Russia

Rocky Mountain Combat Simulation

Intense Combat in the Alpha Simulation


Invasion 2043.zip 73 MB
Invasion 2034 MacOS.app.zip 76 MB

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The game looks like its a lot of fun, however, the amount of just waiting doing nothing is painful, and I hat to quit after about 3 minutes because I was so tired of having to 10 seconds minimum before each attempt so I kinda just left

Thank you for the feedback I will take it into consideration in future projects.

Excellent restaurant. The service was quick but they were clearly understaffed. Their dinner menu was quite expansive. The steak tasted great but the potatoes were a bit dry. Overall Id give this restaurant a 4.5/5 stars

Your video is ready and available on YouTube.

I remind, that your game can go to the next stage, and get a full review with analysis, so don't forget to subscribe to the channel.

Thanks for the video! Just watched it along with some others of yours and subbed!

Thank you for the game and subscribing ;)


It's too pixellised and alien ships are too small.. so it's hard. But this is still a good game.

Thank you for the feedback.

If you enjoyed this game feel free to check out my other projects!