A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This is a physics simulation suite covering a variety of topics discussed in my AP Physics 2 class. This is not an itch.io project, it is for my AP Physics class. However, feel free to download and leave a follow!


- Optics Simulation

- Thermodynamics Simulation

- Circuits Simulation (Series Circuits Only (I don't wanna talk about it...))

- Electromagnetism Simulation

Reasons I should get an A:

1. Please give me an A

2. I asked nicely

3. Refer to 1 and 2

Circuit Creation Instructions:

1. Only connect in series.

2. Only one side of the EMF battery should have a connection.

3. After all components are placed press "Space" to close the circuit.

4. Clicking on the capacitor discharges it and clicking on a switch changes it's state.


AP Physics 2 Simulation Suite.zip 26 MB
AP Physics 2 Simulation Suite MacOS.app.zip 33 MB


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