A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

**Headphones Recommended** **Flashing Lights and Loud Noises**

Research Log #014 - 

Date: January 7, 1963

Entry: Three days ago experiments with candidate #0012 ended due to his failure to complete experiment #05.. Tomorrow, the [REDACTED] Labs Group will be retrieving candidate #0013 on his way home from work.  Candidate #0013 will be placed directly into experiment #05 without participating in experiments #00 - #04 due to his extremely unique characteristics. 

Research Log #015 - 

Date: January 9, 1963

Entry: URGENT! Candidate #0013 has exhibited extremely anomalous behavior. The events and conclusion of experiment #05 on candidate #0013 will wiped from the archives and all personnel involved, including me, will be relocated to a sister facility for phycological revaluation. God forbid those tapes ever leak to the public... I think there's something bigger going on here. Bigger than me, bigger than the organization. I need to think.





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Surprisingly well-done. The creepy atmosphere and the shadows were neat. The corridor and the lore is interesting, hope to see more from this. I played "A Way Out" - Experiment #99, also gone be reviewing that. Great Work Matthew. 

May I make some games to extend this story?

Ya bro absolutely! Tell me when its done I cant wait to see

It's not finished yet but I have done the beginning.


Did you make that raycast system from scratch in Scratch? I didn't even know that was possible haha

Yep. I did it from scratch. It involves some trigonometry but I got the hang of it. I got a tutorial:

THX for letting me extend your story.

Mine crashes after I go through the red hallway

That's just the end of the game. Pick up A Way Out: Experiemnt #99 to see what happens next! Thank you for playing man!

Thx! May I make a video on this game?

Absolutely! That would make my day!

You had my heart pounding lol

Thank you so much for making the video it was great!

i know that guy

SO PROUD!!!  -ari



bruh you did good

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Wow "The" Markipier ??

Show post...


Thank you so much for the video man!


Still a girl :p

Not too much of a fan of mazes , but this one got me ! Really creepy vibes and a few good jump scares!! First game played of 3 here ! Subscribe as well please! 

Thank you for playing the game. I will be sure to sub to you!

Usually I dislike maze based games, but this was actually pretty good. The story is interesting, and I'm looking forward to learning more, the glowsticks mechanic helps a lot (if you use it correctly), and while I didn't get to see the entity on my first playthrough, I made sure to go back and get murdered.

Thank you so much man! I'm putting a much larger emphasis on story in the next entry in this series!

Your best game yet! Love it