A downloadable Modeling Software for Windows

LinearMAX is a lightweight 3D modeling and rendering software for windows platforms. In LinearMAX you can create custom 3D models and render them in beautiful detail in a custom ray tracing shader with a material customizable by the player, and save each model as a Wavefront or .obj file. 


A perfect fit for beginners, looking to understand the basics behind 3D modeling with out the overwhelming complexity of Blender or Maya. 

Modeling -

The modeling system is an intuitive and fast solution to 3D models. A free moving vertex system allows for the fast editing of a mesh, which can then be automatically triangulated instantly. 

Rendering - 

The rendering system uses a custom ray tracer which can handle models with thousands of polygons. The user has the ability to customize any mesh material to his liking by modifying a variety of settings.

Instructions - 

Please read the very short User Manual before using the software. (Do not use illegal characters when naming the saved models file or it will not save).


LinearMax.zip 25 MB

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A beautiful and easy way for beginners to learn and apply rendering techniques.  Thanks Matt Ager!