A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


Build, Simulate, Analyze, Paint, and RACE! With infinite cars to create how will you create the best!  In Race Engineer, you have the power to build any car you can imagine from the ground up, while trying to squeeze every tenth of your lap times. Explore 24 different races while building up a garage full of supercars, of roaders, drift cars, trucks, any anything else you think of!

The Process:


- Powerful, Intuitive Car Modeling

- Many Accessories Like Tires and Engines

- 24 Races in 4 Categories

- Simulated Aerodynamics


RaceEngineer.zip 83 MB
RaceEngineerMacOS.app.zip 86 MB

Development log


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I've made a video about the game :D and I hope it is useful for the development :)

Also I wanted to share some feedback about it:

-Improving the ingame sound aspect could be great

-I had a lot of fun making my...let's say cars...I'm not to good at engineering haha

-Great visual style idea

-Aerodynamic sim is awesome

-Controls could be improved for a better experience and a better colision system would be great 

Hopefuly this ends up being useful if you are planning on continue developing the game :)


Thank you so much for your review. I really appreciate your feedback and will make sure to focus on those areas of improvement for my next project. Again, thank you so much for the review!

You're welcome :D and if you could subscribe that would be awesome :)


Post a picture of your best car!